Canada condemns anti-homosexuality law, threatens to cut ties

The Canadian government has condemned the recently passed anti-homosexuality bill 2023 that prohibits same-sex activities and now awaits President Museveni to assent to the law.

The Prime Minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau, condemned the law, describing it as despicable, and urged world leaders to reject it, saying it directly violates the rights of LGBTQ communities around the world.

“I want to condemn in the absolute strongest terms the despicable law put forward by the Ugandan government discriminating against the LGBTQ communities. Canada understands this is totally against the rights of LGBTQ communities. We will be looking at how to continue with how to support the communities around the world. I called upon leaders around the world and all CommonWealth governments to condemn this despicable piece of legislation,” Canadian PM Justin Pierre James Trudeau said in a statement.

A few days ago, Uganda’s envoy to Canada and also the Dean of the African Group, Ambassador Joy Ruth Acheng, was summoned and grilled for hours by the Canadian authority after the bill was passed by the parliament.

Canadian PM Minister Justin Trudeau (left)

In the meeting, which the source described as unreceptive and was chaired by the Canadian Minister in charge of Eastern and Southern Africa, it was demanded that the Ugandan government withdraw the law immediately or Canada might severe all the bilateral engagements and partnerships, including suspending visa rights.

The source has also revealed that the Canadian government has withdrawn various mandates from Acheng as the Dean of the African Group (an association that brings together all the envoys from African countries).

It is further revealed that Acheng’s invitation to attend the address by US President Joe Biden to Canadian parliament was also revoked last week by the authority, which further announced the decision to suspend permission to allow her to participate in any subsequent high-level meeting until the law described as despicable is withdrawn by Uganda.

The prime minister says he is considering options to support the LGBTQ community in Uganda, and that all world leaders, especially fellow members of the Commonwealth should condemn the “appalling and abhorrent” legislation.

The Uganda High Commission in Canada was not immediately available to comment.

US President Joe Biden addressed the Canadian Parliament late last week, where he emphasised the need for more synergies to defend human rights across the world.

In its warning to Uganda, the Canadian government warned that no tourists or investors from Canada would come to Uganda once the bill was not withdrawn. So far, Trudeau has asked lawmakers to “reconsider” the bill, known as the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

Canada also intends to cut diplomatic ties with Uganda once the proposed law is not withdrawn by the government.

The US government last week urged Museveni to block the legislation passed by lawmakers, and officials are publicly floating the idea of economic sanctions on Uganda, even if it hampers development dollars aimed at preventing the spread of AIDS.

The United States government last week warned Uganda of dire consequences if the bill is not withdrawn.

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