Juliana Speaks Out

In a recent video posted on her TikTok, seasoned singer Juliana Kanyomozi conveyed her disappointment over Ugandans who celebrate the deaths and misfortunes of other people. She questioned where the humanity and empathy went among Ugandans to the point that they have to hate other people because something good isn’t happening to them. 

Juliana Speaks Out

There’s a new trend on the internet where when someone dies, people come online and celebrate probably because they didn’t like the person. I feel terrible about this. Acknowledging that life’s challenges are universal and don’t discriminate based on nationality, age, or social status, Juliana urged for a collective effort in supporting others during their lowest moments. She emphasized the importance of putting aside personal grievances and coming together to uplift those facing difficulties. 

Juliana urged that it’s important to set aside our differences and share love in rough times because that’s when we need each other the most.

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