What On Earth Is Happening With Donald Trump’s Marriage?

Vioce Of Nwoya

 Melania used to hate Trump’s political ambitions

In 2000, the couple experienced 

Their first breakup. The business mogul did so at a Miss U.S.A pageant party when models surrounded him. The future Mrs. Trump later admitted that one of the reasons they broke up was because he wanted to run for president. This was the second time the two had split. The first was because she (understandably) had trust issues with him.

She was offended by his revolting comments

Melania has frequently tried to make excuses for her husband’s comments, including startling ones that start with the words, “grab them by the…” Although she released a statement calling his words “unacceptable and offensive,” this isn’t the first time he’s shocked the public with his words. He once told Howard Stern that when Melania was pregnant, she blew up “like a blimp — in the right places” and called her a “monster,” but apparently meant it in a positive way. And that’s just the start of his “locker room” talk with Stern based on leaked recordings. 

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